June 2007

  • Golf & Jews, I


    I've come across some fascinating documents while researching New York City's golf courses for a Met Golfer story. This paragraph from an 1899 survey of Met-area golf courses in an upper-crust magazine called Outing titled "Golf in Gotham" manages to describe the Century Club in tones that effectively praise with faint damnation. On first reading I was healthily offended, but looking at it again, there is almost a sense of enlightenment amid the patronizing generalizations. Certainly odd, if not remarkable.

  • Let her grow, let her grow, let her grow


    I'm sitting here with a copy of Golf World open to the Wie story. The pullquote on the story is from Paula Creamer: 

  • Bring back the stymie!


    There is something ironic about Jack Nicklaus insisting on long-pronged rakes in Muirfield's bunkers for the Memorial tournament in order to make it tougher for the players. Golf fans old enough will remember that no one argued more often or vociferously for immaculate course conditions than Jack (or "Carnac," as the writers called him for his propensity for holding forth) did back in his prime.