Mind Game

Couples, Elkington, Floyd, and Ballesteros delivered some nice quotes for this Golf Illustrated story from many years ago. It starts out being about whether great players are in charge of their emotions or let themselves be fueled by what they're feeling, but thanks to some keen insights from Hale Irwin, delves into the psychology of experience and being prepared -- sort of "Blink," but a millionth as long. Now it could be a handbook for them $1000/hour sports psychologists.

Choose the right short iron

It's windy, you've got a shot to an uphill green, and the ball's below your feet. HELP! A handbook on club selection, originally published in USGS Player.

Island Golf: The Dominican Republic

A trip to Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, written for Maximum Golf (Feburary 2001)

Caddie Tales

Delectable bits of caddie gossip... with mustard. I am especially proud of this Tour feature, which actually was supposed to come out in Golf Digest, except my editor sat on it for two years. From Golf Magazine (May, 1994).

Three gentlemen of Verona

A feature about the golf courses of the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in upstate New York, from the September 16, 2005 Golf World.

Golf and the City

The golf courses of New York City have provided a respite for stressed-out New Yorkers for a hundred years. This investigation of the city's courses for The Met Golfer looks into their quixotic background and some key players incuding Robert Moses, who played a big part despite knowing almost nothing about golf.

Chairman of the Boards

A profile of outgoing MGA president, lumber executive Stephen Boyd, from the November/December 2016 Met Golfer.

First Things First - Mark Teixeira's Golf Game Takes a Back Seat

image of page one of Teixeira interview

An interview with Yankees star Mark Teixeira, from the April-May 2016 Met Golfer.

Honored in Orlando


In January I was honored with an award from the International Network of Golf for a cover story I wrote about New Yorker Charles Sands for The Met Golfer.

Glen Oaks Club

Club Focus: The Glen Oaks Club. From the Aug-Sep 2016 Met Golfer


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