Turnberry Resort

Originally published in Distinction Magazine (June 2006)

On the Rocks

It turns out that this cover story about the end of the real estate golf boom was only the beginning of the bad news. From the July, 2007 Golf Business

Term Limits: The Language of Golf Instruction

The vocabulary and usage of golf instruction can be perplexing. This guide aims to clear up some of the confusion surrounding terms like "over the top," "strong grip," and "release."

"Over the Top -- Of Your Head?": A Glossary of Swing Terms

What do those stuck up golf pros and teachers mean? A primer on the basics of the swing lingo, or "swingo."

RTJ2 in clover: an interview with Robert Trent Jones, Jr.

Even back in 2000, it was clear something unusual was going on in the Robert Trent Jones, Jr. organization. Some big-name golf course architects who are simply CEO figureheads providing supervisory input and remarks at the course opening about "finding the course in the landscape" are loath to admit that their lieutenants do all the work; eccentric as he is, RTJ2 was frank about his role as hands-off visionary. It's a credit to Bruce Charlton and the RTJ2 organization that they function as uniquely creatively as they do.


It's early January in Brooklyn and I can't bear to reread this, but trust me it'll make you want to board the next plane to Hawaii.

Casey Martin: A Case Full of Variables

Whaling on Casey Martin again. See, I am plenty man enough to pick on handicapped people. With such cruel and brilliant contrarian reasoning, honestly I should of been the Christopher Hitchens of golf writing.

Let This Golfer Overcome His Handicap

I guess I enjoy beating up on handicapped people, because I wrote not one but two screeds attacking Casey Martin. Believe it or not, the basic point was, "Gee, if the dream is that important, why not find a more important dream?" From Newsday, February 1998.

Lake Placid

One of my favorite unknown golf destinations.

Hi-Tech Tour

This feature for a special PGA Tour supplement in Golf Magazine is what you might call a virtual fossil, based on interviews with such techno visionaries as Mark Hulbert, Wayne Levi, Richard Zokol, Tom Kite, and Gary McCord in January, 1997, not quite the dawn of the internet -- more about 10:30am. Wonder if WriteBot will survive SOPA?


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