Off the Beaten Cart Path -- Exotic Golf Holidays

A quickie about semi-exotic golf getaways for Investor's Business Daily from 1995, still pretty close to the mark.

Course and Effects

In 1991 I got interested in the subject of how golf courses interact with the environment, and with the support of Al Barkow, the editor of Golf Illustrated, started a column. I didn't much care that both golfers and the golf industry tend to be extremely conservative -- I wanted to do what I could to feel good about golf courses, and raise the level of awareness about chemicals and water usage.

The Big Island, part 2

Part two of your guide to golfing the Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, featuring Mauna Lani Bay, originally published in in March, 2000.

The Big Island, part 1

Part one of your guide to golfing the Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii featuring Mauna Kea and Hapuna, from (March, 2000)

Arnie Agonistes

Everybody loves Arnold Palmer, even commies like me. From in 2000.

Money Really Devalues Athletics

A Newsday op-ed, published just before the '99 Ryder Cup matches, bemoaning the disappearance of the genuine amateur athlete. Your cranky uncle who still raves about Stan Smith will totally agree.

Open to the Public

The golf courses of the Met Area are vital, integral components of our communities. This cover story from the October, 2008 Met Golfer looks at how the cooperation between golf and some New York area municipalities benefit everyone.


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