Lee Trevino, by the numbers

 $100 a hole

Most money ever played for

You know, people have got this thing completely out of proportion, about how I gambled when I was young -- the most money I ever played for back in the early days was five dollars. Five bucks. Now, later on in life, we play a hundred dollar nassau out here, but that's about the limit.


Most money ever lost wagering


Number of times won U.S. Open or Senior Open with Jack Nicklaus finishing second

Yeah, a lot of people remember when I was up in the TV booth at Ridgewood, NJ for the U.S. Senior Open, and Jack was puttin' about a six-footer for a par on the par-5 17th. And I said, "He's got a very difficult putt here, and Jack has a bad habit of looking up on these putts." Any time you look up it opens the blade. I said, "He might just take a peek here and push it." I no more than got it out of my mouth and then he hit it, looked up, and he pushed it, and lipped it out on the right side. I've had people from his office tell me that what irritated him more than anything was that I knew that much about him.


Number of caddies before Herman Mitchell

When my caddie got married in 1977 he quit, so I went looking for one of the best. And Herman at the time was touted as being one of the best caddies out here -- and one of the best players, too. He was working for Miller Barber. But I didn't want to go directly to Herman, I went to Miller Barber first. And I said, "Miller, I want to see if Herman'll work for me, do you mind?" And Miller said, "Not at all -- anytime a guy can better himself, I'm for it, he'll make more money with you." And Herman and I have been together ever since. I used -- let's see, four guys while he was out and sure, I won with'em but -- if and when he isn't able carry the bag, Herman'll still travel with me.


Pounds Herman lost on the rice diet

I'm keeping an eye on him. I'll stop him from taking another roll when we're eating in the room together.


Number of days he didn't touch a club the past year

I flew my family last year to Palm Springs for 12 days and I had the flu, so I stayed indoors and babysitted for my wife and my mother in law 12 straight days. Those clubs were mad me afterwards! I'll never leave'em alone that long again.

50 or 60, or 500

Number of balls he hits every day

Depends on the weather, how hot it is. In Florida, I don't hit very many -- and then I'll go out on the course and play a little bit. I don't really work on anything special, I just go out and hit balls and try to see what's going on, and work on my timing.


Most holes played in a day


Scoring average in 1990 -- best ever on Senior Tour by half a stroke

3 or 4

Number of cigarettes he smokes a day during a tournament

When I go home, I never smoke. Never buy'em. I can't figure out why anybody's smoking, to tell you the truth. They put'em in my locker, and I leave'em for the locker guy. I usually smoke an average of three or four when I'm at a tournament site, I'll smoke a couple in the morning, and maybe during a pro-am round, but never when television's on.


Number of years since he stopped drinking.

Well I stopped drinking, I didn't "quit," -- I mean it was never a problem for me. My wife got pregnant with Olivia -- Olivia will be 6 years old in February -- and my wife and I would occasionally have dinner wine, then more wine; a drink here and there, a beer here and there -- and when she got pregnant she had to quit -- she had to quit smokin' and drinkin', and I stopped with her. And then we never went back, after Olivia came along and the responsibility was to raise that child.


Number of diapers changed in the past year


Number of homes he's owned

Not that many.


Number of cars won in the Senior Tour

Six Cadillacs, and I've won two Toyotas -- and three Mitsubishis, in Japan.


Number of cars owned

Cadillac lets me drive'em, they just leave'em at the house! I sold all the ones I won.

At least 3

Number of tournaments he thought he could win at the beginning of the year

At the beginning of the year I think any good player'll tell you if they're going to play a schedule of 25-26 tournaments they'd like to win 3 of'em.


Number of tournaments he entered thinking he could win

There's no competitor I don't fear. But fear, I put to my advantage.

15 or 20

Number of times he's worn a tie the last year


Travel expenses in a year


Putters used in the last year

I had a TPA 5, which was a Taylor, and back in February I started using an Arnold Palmer Wilson Blade Putter. I've used that one all year.

Over 100

Putters used in his career

At least.


Swing teachers he's used, lessons he's had


Years he's been hitting a fade primarily

When I started, I drew the ball -- I had a very upright, take-the-club-inside swing, pronating and everything. I changed it in 1961, when I saw Ben Hogan fadin' the ball, and I couldn't hit the ball from left to right. The only way that I could teach myself to hit it from left to right was to take it outside, bring it inside, and move on the ball, and that's where the swing started.


Movies he's seen in the past year

In the theatre? None. I'm a big channel-flipper with the TV remote, though. My wife won't watch television with me.




Books he's read in the past year

I read Louis L'Amour. And I get those detective books about the Mafia and I can't put'em down. I'll stay up in the bathroom and read'em.

Over 15

Number of golf magazines he reads a month.

I read all of'em.

6 or 7

Number of productive years he has left on Tour.

The difference between being 50 and 56 is much less than the difference between 56 and after. Physically, it's a big, big change.


Days a year he doesn't feel like going to the golf course

I'm going to die in a tournament on the golf course. They'll just throw me over in a bunker and build it up a little bit.


Number of aces in competition

15 or 20

Number of aces in his life


Dinners on the road he's eaten out

I get bothered too much. I'm always on display when I go out to a restaurant. Room service is a little different for me, I don't have to stay with the regular menu -- generally I stay in nice hotels where they'll let me order off the menu downstairs.

0 to 78

Number of players he thinks he can beat in a tournament

If I'm playin' well, I don't fear anybody. If I'm not playin' well, I fear'em all.


Number of autographs signed in a week

Usually I'll sign fifty or so a day. It does depend on the kind of day I'm having.


Number of times he's taken a cart during a round this year

I always walk -- casual round, pro-am, whatever. Always.