In Memoriam: Anne Tabachnick

Delivered at a memorial service for the late painter, December 14, 1995 at the Judson Chapel in New York City

Reaping Fields

Ron Fields has done a superb job researching and preserving his grandfather W.C. Fields's legacy. Every student of comedy should own a copy of W.C. Fields: A Life on Film, and W.C. Fields By Himself.

Steinberg and the Pittsburgh Symphony

Remarks delivered at the inauguration of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra's Steinberg Society at Heinz Hall, October 29, 1994.

"Lovely Me" -- The Life of Jacqueline Susann

Book review from the East Hampton Star from way back in the 80s. A few years ago Barbara Seaman wrote me a brief, polite email because she didn't understand why I reacted so strongly. I'm still not completely sure.