Suicide Squeeze

I almost forgot about this -- it's the beginning of a novella I wrote a year or two out of college, about a baseball player who becomes a conceptual artist.

The Wilpons: The Men I Hate to Hate


With the trading deadline approaching Met fans are wondering what the team is going to do, and the changing fortunes of Duda, Niese, Gee, and Tejada -- just to name four -- haven't brought much clarity. It's hard to imagine upsetting the relative stability with the team playing okay, unless maybe to get a slugging shortstop. But at the cost of one of your outstanding pitchers?

Fans Held Hitless By Two Monopolies

The old "break up the major-league baseball trust" column. I think this is the last op-ed I wrote for Newsday, and given their present ownership probably it will be.

Trust No One: A World Series Post-Mortem

Wow, did somebody say bilious? Written after the '97 Classic, this is nearly psychotic but it's actually funny. I don't think Newsday ran it, but it's possible.

When Sports Lions Are Tabbies

This Newsday op-ed is sort of about Hideki Irabu and why ballplayers shouldn't be role models. Or something.

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